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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  December 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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accident, details coming up. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time is 6:00. and we have still following this developing story. we're learning that a laundry truck has caught fire. this happened two hours ago. you can see the picture right here. this was posted on twitter by alameda county fire. that truck was engulfed in flames and they got pretty intense at this point. the flames are out. this was a live picture from chopper 5 over the scene right now. you can see the crews o out there. a lot of fir trucks. there are -- firetrucks. there are reports of downed power lines and according to dispatch, one person was trapped inside. elissa harrington is on the ground there. is she there? >> can you tell us what the update is on that person who
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was trapped, was able to get out, but are there any injuries. no, the person was able to get out and it's interesting what they did. one o. people inside the truck was -- of the people inside the truck was a volunteer firefighter. he hopped out of the truck with both feet together. hit live wires and they were able to get out of the vehicle safely. the fire is out but this is what it looks like. flames 20 to 30 feet tall outside of san leandro after a laundry truck hit some wire. with me now, i have josh walsh the battalion chief to talk about what happened. explain what happened to this truck. >> well, as you see, it destroyed with the fire. >> reporter: how did that happen? >> it became involved in fire after striking the electrical lines, it caught fire. pg&e was on scene. we elected to stay away from
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it. we had 12,000-volts measured in the ground around the vehicle and left here, 5000-volts in the ground, so we had to stay away from it. we decided not to put water on it to protect the buildings. and we were able to extinguish it. >> >> reporter: were any of the vehicles in danger. >> the fire was escalating and there was a chance for the other buildings to become involved. >> reporter: were some of them evacuated. >> 35 of the children were moved out of the area. >> reporter: okay, and just looking at the truck, if we can show you the truck right there. it looks bad. how lucky is it that these guys were able to get out safely. >> the fire train of the volunteer firefighter, he used the training and saved himself and his partner and they got out safely. >> reporter: reporting live in san leandro, elissa harrington, cbs 5. thank you for that live
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report. well, a man and a woman were found bound and gagged in the middle of a street right here at san francisco. >> the two were found around 8:30 last night on brussels street in the bay view district. the man died about midnight. the woman is still being treated for life threatening injuries. san francisco police have no motive or suspects at this time. 6:03 now, in vallejo, dive teams will return to the waters to search for a missing man there. family members say 77-year-old philip maddingly was servicing a boat and habit been seen -- hasn't been seen since. 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, and surgery scars on his left arm. rescue teams combed through the water and had to call off the search. a grammy nominated latina musician from the u.s. is dead after her plane crashed in
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mexico. people were on t the small plane carrying jenni rivera went could be in rough terrain. 7 people were on the train. her driver's license was found at the crash site. this morning rivera's family is heading to mexico to try and identify her remains. >> reporter: how do you want your sister remembered. >> every which way that we can. the good, bad, ugly, short, fat, nice, everything about her was great. i only have two sisters. now i only have one. e played for the oakland a's. this year she was named billbo rivera recently divorced esteban luiz a who played for the oakland a's. today is sentencing day for the woman who killed nursing student shell lei last year -- michelle lei last year. giseleesteban, is accused of
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murder. four months after she disappeared from a hayward hospital. esteban was said to have killed her in a jealous rage over a man. and a man accused of kidnapping sierra lamar will be arraigned on new charges. garcia torrez has been accused of three other attempts at kidnapping, taking place in 2009 and all in a safeway parking lot. he was employed at that safeway in morgan hill. for the third time this year, vandals have tried to silence a vallejo radio station. community station kzct is operating online only. vandals struck the station's transmitter site over the weekend. the o oater tornado is -- operator is wondering if the attacks are racially motivated. >> i'm only one man. i can only fight so long, and like i said, this is community
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radio. >> a rational slur was -- racial slur was painted on the building during an attack earlier this year. time is 6:06. let's get a check on the weather. >> liz has good news for us, because if you liked yesterday, you're going to love today. >> we're warming things up, getting close to record high temperatures today. out the door, it's a pretty wide temperature spread depending ongoing where you are. low 40s in santa rosa and coming in at 60 degrees. a live look over the dublin pleasanton area. we're going to see a return of the sunshine by later on this afternoon. and these temperatures are going to cool down, especially in the north bay and along the coast by tomorrow. and we have rain chances by midweek, but for today, things are dry, middle and, yeah temperatures are well above average for this time of year. we're going to see 66 in oakland. mid-60s in san francisco.
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and low 60s in the fairfield area. today and tomorrow, we're looking dry, but once again, temperatures cool off by tuesday. it's because of a storm system heading our way from the north and it's going to bring rain showers tuesday night into wednesday. thursday, friday and the weekend still looks to be a little unsettled as well. we will time out this rainstorm for you. in the meantime, let's talk traffic. >> let's head to the bay bridge right now. no metering lights just yet. that will probably change shortly. traffic is starting to back up just a bit. you're going to need a few extra minutes if you are taking the bay bridge. now, the san mateo bridge looks good. no delays to report in both directions. a little extra volume on the west side toward foster city. we jump to our maps. i'm going to show you a brand new accident just reported.
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dumbarton bridge. in the meantime, stick with the san mateo bridge. that's a look at the drive back to you. there's one more chance tonight for people in san jose to tell the city manager what she should look for in a new police chief. the last of four community meetings at 6:30. the next police chief will probably come from outside the city. that's because no one within the department has applied for the job. the bay bridge toll l plaza is getting a new look starting tonight. caltrans plans to spend 6 1/2 million dollars to give the toll plaza a facelift. the work will be done during overnight hours over the next six months. stepping out. okay. 6:09 we could find out this morning whether bay are area crab fishermen will be bringing in their catch anytime soon. they will meet at 10:00 in san francisco to plan the next
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move. they have been on strike since wholesalers tried to cut the price they are paid crab. it was hard to find crab at this week's crab festival down on the water. >> do you have any crab left. >> no, we don't. they're all out. >> whatever we got, whatever they can get. >> crabbers were getting 3 bucks pound when the season started in november. wholesalers want to cut that by as much as 75-cents. >> today's fedex is anticipating its biggest shipping day of the year. they're not shipping crabs, though, i don't think. they expect to handle a record number of packages, due in part of a big jump in online holiday orders. cate cauguiran joins us at the fedex facility in san francisco where we can see right behind you work is under way. >> reporter: and yes and already hit, its, well, not its peak exactly but employees showed up to get the packages on the their way to a holiday destination. today fedex is expected to send
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out 19 million packages. we have some video of them hard at work now, this is supposed to be the peak of what will be another record breaking shipping season. the company told us they expect to ship 280 million packages between thanksgiving and christmas. and fedex says this is thanks to the increase in online shipping or e-commerce. online holiday sales will increase by 17% this year and that translates to millions more packages to send out. how do they get it all done, aside from the hundreds of employees that on staff today, they also have 90,000 vehicles and we aren't talking just vans and trucks and cars but boats and g o ondola's and electric tricycles and here at this fedex location in san francisco, there's only one of about 1800 across the country.
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here's a fun stat for you, the machines here can process packages about 200 per second. that's a lot of holiday packages to be sent off. hopefully including own, frank and michelle. >> electric tricycles what's that. >> sometimes you have to get to your destination and a car can't get through to a simple road. >> thank you. 6:12 now, a hospital and fares about the health of nelson mandela. shocking video, a girl throwing punches at a bus stop. how one of their parents is accused of egging them on. and a new theory about add, the condition during pregnancy that can raise a child's risk when we come back.
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georgia.. this fight happened at a bus stop in that's a father telling witnesses not to stop this girl fight in georgia. the fight happened at a bus stop in georgia with a couple of 7 7th grade girls. one girl gets out of a van at a bus stop and immediately fighting with the student. the neighbor eventually broke up the fight. >> it broke my heart to know that parents would allow this to happen. and for my child to be there with nobody. >> the parents who dropped off their daughter at the bus stop have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and they have charged the father with battery. >> that's a tough one. >> and everything's on video tape. switching gears now, 6:16, let's get a check on the road. >> it is starting to get busy
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out there. in fact they just turned the metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up through there so extra time needed as you head to the bay bridge towards the east shore forecast. not backed up to the maize yet. -- freeways. not backed up to the maze yet. westbound dumbarton bridge getting word of an accident. traffic is slow as you approach the scene. and westbound 237, no delays just yet but extra volume as you work your way making the connector road between 880 and 101. this accident reported off to the side possibly blocking one lane. reported some activity there off the freeway on surface street. expect chp to be in full effect through there. and northbound 280, reports of an accident blocking lanes. no chp on the scene just yet. we are hearing from some that
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that traffic a little as you approach the area. looks like 85, though, problem are free as well as highway 17. we have this picture perfect shot of bay bridge, and you can see it because there's no much fog over the bay. temperatures are mild right now outside. oakland coming in at 60 degrees. but then look at santa rosa where we're getting reports o of fog and 39 degrees there. pretty wide temperature spread as you wake up this morning, just kind of depending on where you are. by this afternoon, everyone should see center line. see-- sunshine. and pretty mild conditions. check out the numbers. in some of our inland shot spot thes. looks likes through tomorrow we're going to remain dry and time things out with future cast. we have big changes coming by
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midweek. tuesday night, we'll freeze here at 10:00 p.m. we're watching this low system. it's a storm to the north and will bring rain showers tuesday night, and wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening should clear out of here. we're not expecting whole lot of rain with that system, possibly a half inch, likely less. it's going to quickly move out of here, but things remain unsettled through the weekend. we're going to enjoy the mild temperatures temperatures well above average. close to record breakers in some spots. 66 in oakland. mid-60s in san francisco. 63 if you're out in concord. here's a look at your forecast over the next several days. today and tomorrow we're staying dry, but temperatures will feel quite a bit cooler by tomorrow and then the rain rolls in tuesday night into wednesday morning. thursday looks pretty dry and once again, things look unsettled for the weekend. that's a check of traffic and weather together.
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in your world this morning, a u.s. military member was killed yesterday while rescuing a colorado springs doctor kidnapped by the taliban. insurgents captured dillon joseph on wednesday outside kabul. this is home of his -- video of his home in colorado. president obama and defense secretary leon panetta are praising the operation and the service member who was killed for their efforts. protesters continue to demonstrate outside the presidential palace in cairo. opponents are calling for a boycott of the constitutional referendum scheduled for saturday. they say the new constitution was pushed through without input from any group other than the islamists. former south african president nelson mandela is in the hospital this morning. those around him are giving few details about the condition. a statement over the weekend
6:20 am
revealed that the 94-year-old antiappar tide hero had been admitted to the hospital. he became south africa's first black president. children who are deprived of oxygen in the woman are more likely to develop attention deficit disorder. a new study says children of these women have a 16% higher risk of eventually being diagnosed with add. it's 6:21 right now, a must win game for the 49ers, could collin kaepernick rebound against the miami dolphins. and you can call it one of the worst free throws ever, who took it, why did it happen, we're going to show you when you come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,, you won't take my life.
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good morning we have a good looking day on tap. mid- to upper 60s, your temperatures. the mild weather won't last long. big changes coming as early as tomorrow. a look at your 7-day forecast coming up. and the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. getting word of stalled vehicle just past the toll plaza. golden gate bridge not showing any delays. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes you haven't the 49ers at home against -- every 10 minutes. the 49ers at home, up by 3 at the half. >> and the 9ers first touchdown of the day, number 50 of his career. late in the game, it's kaepernick to the rescue, how about 50 yards, bottle run. he's gone. the 9ers beat the dolphins 27- 13 for the 9th wino.
6:25 am
win of the season. and philadelphia quarterback nick fouls the rookie is going to get rid of the ball, and watch the wide receiver, great catch, one handed and look at that baby right there. part of 7 catches for that receiver. the eatingest -- eagles went onto win their first since september 23 september 23rd. might be one of the worst free throws you've ever seen. it didn't even make it halfway to the basket. brian okam, a 7-foot center, he slugged it off and went back to the game. they went onto beat western carolina, 70 to 54. >> i bet they were all laughing at him. how would you not latch. >> these there to rebound and that's it. tes the season to ship.
6:26 am
and the prank call that ended in a nurse's tragic death, what the two dj's are saying. and a scare morning for two men r that were stuck in this laundry truck. how they got out, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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two people have been found bound and gagged in the middle of a san francisco street. a bizarre discovery promises a homicide -- prompts a homicide investigation in san francisco. the plane is totaled, nobody inside survived. >> mexican american super star
6:30 am
jenni rivera dies in a plane crash. >> most of you people that know my sister, she was a very strong person. >> they've started to tango now, and anytime you have two guy in there doing that you have to get it done. >> the fiscal cliff standoff, the deadline for an agreement is closer than you might think. >> fedex is gearing up for a busy day. and a bay area station is taken off the air by vandals for the third time this year. >> they took expensive equipment. crab fisherman try to bring an end to a week long strike. >> it would be great to get out there and put money in our pockets. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. d i'm michelle g hi everyone, and good morning, it's monday december the 10th. i'm frank mallicoat. i'm michelle griego. new this morning, a dangerous situation is under control in
6:31 am
the east bay. cbs5 reporter, elissa harrington l is in san leandro where live wires landed on a laundry truck this morning. >> two men were inside this laundry truck when it happened, and they had just seconds to escape. the fire is out but here's what it looked like in this picture. flames were about 20 to 30 feet high and it took firefighters an hour and a half to put it out. we're just outside of camp sweeney which is a residential facility for juveniles. the men were here picking up laundry from the camp when they nabbed the live -- snagged the live wires. both men were able to get to safety. they hopped out of the truck and ran away. just feet away is actually one of the dorms for those juveniles, about 40 of them were evacuate evacwaited and brought to the dining hall.
6:32 am
>> as a result of power lines hitting the laundry truck, that's how the fire start. >> reporter: there are no major outages to report and the juveniles have returned back dorm. the situation is under control and safe but there is a crew out here monitoring the situation. >> elissa harrington in san leandro. >> a man has died several hours after he was found tied up on a san francisco city street. he was unconscious found bound and gagged in the middle of a street. the woman was ago also bound and gagged on brussel street. dive teams will search for a missing man last seen in solano county. 77-year-old philip maddingley was servicing a boat unmerry land. he's described as 6-foot tall. 200 pounds and, surgery scars
6:33 am
on his left arm. they combed through the waters yet but later had to call off the search due to rough currents. sentencing is scheduled for gisele esteban, the union city woman faces at least 25 years in prison for first-degree murder for killing nursing student michelle lei in may of last year. lei's body was found in a remote area of alameda county four months after she disappeared during a class break. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar will be arraigned on new charges today. he's accused of trying to kidnap three other women in 2009. sierra lamar vanished last month. her body has not been found. the dallas cowboys took the field with heavy hearts yesterday. hours before the game they lost a team teammate in a car crash. the driver another teammate arrested at the scene for drunk
6:34 am
driving. just an hour after the win, cow boys defensive line man josh brent was released from jail back in dallas. he was driving drunk early saturday when he lost control of his mercedes-benz killing his passenger and friend jerry brown. brown was on the practice squad and played with brent at the university of illinois. >> we obviously had a very difficult situation, a tragedy occurred to our football team. it's been really emotional for everybody. >> there was a moment of silence before the game and brown's jersey was placed on the bench. if convicted brent faces a minimum of two years behind bars. two australian disc jockeys after off the air after their prank call to the the hospital, where the duchess of york was being treated for morning sickness. >> i'm so devastated for them. i'm really feeling for them.
6:35 am
it's a shocking turn of events. if we had any idea that something like this could be possible to happen, you know, we couldn't see this happening. it was meant to be a prank call. >> kate middleton by the way is suffering from morning sickness again but she is not expected to return to the hospital for it. 6:35, i'm not meteorologist but if we look back here, doesn't that look nice back there. >> it looks clear. >> i was going to say the same thing, we get to show off a little bit today. beautiful. i know the sun is coming up and it's clear skies. you can see it this morning over the bay bridge. earlier you could see the moon in the distance. what's really interesting right now is these temperatures. check out the temperature spread: 44 in concord, 41 in santa rosa and oakland at 66 degrees. by this afternoon, everybody is going to warm up. we're going to see a lot of 60s, mid- to upper 60s and we're going to stay dry because
6:36 am
of the ridge of high pressure. things are going to be changing midweek, we are watching another system that's going to bring rain showers. we're going to wet by tuesday night into the wednesday morning. right now into this afternoon, we are going to stay dry. 66 in oakland. mid-60s in san francisco. and 63 degrees in fairfield. so coming up we'll take a check of the 7-day forecast, time out the rain for you. in the meantime, gianna franco is following a couple accidents. >> we have reports of an accident blocks lanes of traffic as you can see in the sensors, dipping at 20 miles per hour through there. northbound 87 a little slow as you head through there. as you work your way on 680, an accident blocking one lane. it at one point there was reports of activity on streets. two cars involved in an accident on dumbarton bridge.
6:37 am
traffic backed up in the areas especially as you approach the scene. san mateo bridge a good choice in the meantime. not too bad hay ward into fremont. 6:37 now, the suspect in a deadly shooting ram package at at -- rampage at an end yan reservation has -- indian reservation has died. he shot and killed his 8-year- old daughter, his mother and her two brothers and also wounded his son and another daughter. no word on a motive. the oakland police department could come under new management this week. a federal judge is expected to finalize a deal between the city and lawyers in a police brutality case. the will appoint someone to oversee the department. the person will answer to the judge and could have the power to fire police chief howard jordan. a measure is up for discussion that could increase the supply of smoke free rental housing in
6:38 am
san francisco. proposed legislation would require apartment units to be labeled smoking or nonsmoking. most property owners back the idea. fedex is ramping up operations to handle its biggest shipping day of the year. the company is anticipating a record number of packages due in part to have a big jump in -- to a big jump in online holiday ordering. cate cauguiran is here in the city with more on what fedex is doing to handle their big day. it sound busy back there. >> it is. a lot of packages are going behind maine they're going to send out 19 million packages today, so we're talking a lot of holiday gifts that are coming past me. i'm joined live from andre toledo. the big question is that's a lot of packages, lots of gifts, how do you do it. it's hands on deck. we have 110 to 120 employees working this morning. and through the day we'll have
6:39 am
all the staff, 200 plus employees helping out to sort and getting the packages delivered and sent out. >> we're about 2 1/2 weeks from christmas eve, or two weeks from christmas eve. i'm wondering, why so many packages today, why is this the biggest day of the year. >> we've seen an increase in online shopping, the orders coming in, all the online shopping is just from after thanksgiving to now, it's going to be busy. >> reporter: if you're look me or my morning anchors who have not sent out our christmas packages yet, what are your biggest tips for those shoppers. >> choose fedex express, you have until the 22nd to ship it out and we'll get it delivered on time. >> reporter: that's a guarantee from you. >> yes. >> reporter: and trying to get those holiday gifts on time. fedex expression, you send it by the 22nd, it will get to your destination on time.
6:40 am
good tips for you. >> now that you've outed both of us, we haven't done the shopping or delivered our packages that way, have you done yours. >> reporter: well get back to that at another time. >> just say no comment. i think we have to get on that shopping. 6:40, blizzard conditions in the midwest, how the storm is impacting travel nationwide. it's a mess out in minnesota, plus a beautiful voice goes silent fans mourning the tragic death of jenni rivera. and let's gate quick look at early numberses here, a mixed bag this morning. we'll get an update from cbs money watch reporter, ashley morrison, she's going to be here to break it all down for us. ,,,,,,,,
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"i know my daugh welcome back, this morning fans far and wide are sharing their sympathy over the death of jenni rivera, a super star singer in mexico. >> she was believed to be dead in a plane crash. cbsla reporter, joins us now outside rivera's mother's home in lakewood. cara? >> reporter: they have. actually makeshift memorials have been going up all across the south land this morning. just behind me, fans have been gathering at her mother's home. and you can see the media that has gathered here that speaks to the super star's popularity on both sides of the border. her license has been found in coe at the crash -- medical examiner ecoat the crash sight.
6:45 am
and -- mexico at the crash sites. authorities have said none of the 7 people on board the jet survived the crash and the wreckage was scattered that nothing was recognizable. finding her license was an important discovery. she sold 15 million records in the year and became a hero with her talk about raising five children alone. the 43-year-old from long beach had performed at a concert on saturday and boarded a jet on sunday morning. authorities say they lost contact with the pilots after 10 minutes and the cause of the crash is not known. as we said fans have been setting up makeshift memorials across the south land including at jenni rivera's mother's e home. >> i know my daughter is singing to our lord.
6:46 am
>> reporter: her lawyer, publicist and make up artist believed to be among those killed in the plane crash. and we have learned that her brother is expected to go to mexico at some point today. reporting live in lake wood. >> okay. thank you. it is 6:46, trading now underway for a new week on wall street after mixed results last week. in for jason brooks this morning, here is ashley morrison of >> good morning. stock ins asia edged higher this morning, hong kong sing sang gained a quarter percent. news from italy rattled markets. mario monte announced his decision to resign at the end of the year and let's head to wall street where we are seeing the markets being a little bit, turned the positive territory,
6:47 am
not too much down or too high but we're up 15 on the dow, nasdaq up by 4 points. president obama and john boehner met to try to prevent the fiscal cliff, due to kick in on january 1st. the main sticking points remain raising taxings on the wealthy and cuts to entitlement programs like medicare. they are accepting that wealthy americans will get a tax hike. they have asked congress to work through the hold daybreak. the federal reserve is expected to announce an expansion of the stimulus program this week. experts predict the fed will extend the program of buying $85 billion of securities each month into the new year the announcement is expected tomorrow or wednesday. and a new service shows pay for college presidents continues its up ward climb. the chronicle of higher education studied data from
6:48 am
2010 and the median compensation rose about $400,000. that's up nearly 3%. for those of you about to go into college or starting college, may want to think of that for a career. pays pretty well. >> 400 grand, that works for me. >> no kidding that sounds good. thanks so much. >> see you guys. it is 6:48, time to take a look at what's coming up a little bit later on cbs this morning. charlie rose joins us from new york. >> good morning charlie. good morning frank and michelle, president obama and house speaker boehner met on sunday to discuss the fiscal cliff. but are they closer to a deal. jeff emmel will tell us why this needs to be solved now. and we'll hear from senator joe mansion when we see you at 7. >> thank you charlie. a heavy storm is pummeling
6:49 am
the upper midwest. 16 inches of snow dumped on the twin cities in minnesota. crews hit the vikings metro dome are crapping up the late to -- cranking up the heat to melt the snow. you may remember the roof collapsed a couple years ago. flights have been canceled out of the minneapolis airport. if you're headed that way, it's a bit of a mess right now. we're looking at this video. but outside right here, it almost makes you feel a little bit guilty. >> not even a little. we're seeing almost record highs today. temperatures are definitely going to be on the mild side. we're going to see plenty of sunshine. it is a different story in many parts of the country. sunny sides, coast bay and inland with temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. why all the mild weather, because of the ridge of high pressure and sticking around over the bay area and over the
6:50 am
pacific. it looks like the next couple of days, at least through the major parts of the day, we're going to stay dry. we'll time it out with the future cast. today, a whole lot of nothing. tuesday, no a whole lot of nothing. tuesday night, we'll freeze things here. about 11, that's when the the area of low pressure, it's a weather system to our north, and it's heading towards the bay area. going to bring us some wet weather tuesday night overnight into the wednesday morning and then by wednesday afternoon, evening, it's pretty much out of here, and it looks like it's staying dry thursday. not going to get a whole lot of rainfall. but it's going to be something. highs today, 60s. once again it's going to be a mild day. pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. 66 in oakland. mid-60s in san francisco. 63 if you're out in fair field or concord. checking airports across the country, have any travel plans out of sfo. today should be nice. partly cloudy skies. highs of 63 dreams not much fog
6:51 am
out there. some -- degrees. not much out there. for the most part the bay area is clear. seeing some rain showers in houston and chicago. chilly in denver, with a high of 33 degrees. cooler temperatures by tuesday, especially in the north bay and along the coast. wednesday, wednesday morning and for at least to about midday, we are going to see rain showers. thursday we're going to stay dry and things remain unsettled next weekend. that's a check of your 7-day forecast. let's go to gianna franco. we're going live to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is slow and go. metering lights on. stall near treasure island. you're backed up to 880 at this point. slow coming toward the bay bridge as well off the east shore freeway, 580, 24, north 880 starting to see delays. headed toward pleasanton, lots
6:52 am
of brakes lights. traffic is starting to slow down. speeds under 25 miles per hour. about a 32 minute from the altama pass. slow and go as well. northbound 285 at guadalupe parkway. as a result traffic is backed up through the area. we're seeing delays on the southbound side of 280. and westbound 237 connector you can see e getting slow and go as well between 880 and 101. that's your monday drive back to you. kids are making their wish list for santa. >> and at the top of two little washington state girls, it's dad. 9-year-old brooklyn and rachel christiansen haven't seen their father in nine months because he was serving in afghanistan but with help from mom, santa delivered. >> just wish real hard. >> daddy.
6:53 am
>> when i deployed, you know, my wife and i were talking about coming home and doing something special for the girls. kind of surprised them a little bit. >> do you know how much i missed you two. >> oh, look at that, the christiansen family has only been together five of the last 26 months and the wife, she found out last week that her husband would be home for christmas, so she helped set this reunion up. i always love this. >> nine months, a long time for an 8 or the 9-year-old, let alone, 25 month apart. we're showing off some of the bay areas best holiday lights,. >> who's got the best, a home in millway, courtesy of the lights of the that's impressive. they have new props and songs and is broadcast on 88.1fm. e-mail your photos at mornings
6:54 am
@ and post them on facebook and tweet them away. we're going to share some of those until christmas day. time 6:54, coming up a final check of the top stories. and talk about monkey business, this shopper that ran amuck at an ikea. well-dressed. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed.
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we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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two men burning truck in s time is 6:58, checking this morning's top stories. live power lines fell on their laundry truck and it burst into flames. one of the men is a firefighter and he knew the two of them had to get out of the truck without
6:58 am
touching it in order to avoid erect toe cushion. it's amazing to see the pictures and know they're okay. fedex expects today to be the busiest one of the year. we have a live look of the facility. this is in san francisco this morning. the packages are rolling away there. fedex expects to ship a record 19 million boxes overpages o out to 2 -- of packages out to 280 million between thanksgiving and christmas. the largest ever volume due to an increase in online sales and i still do it the old fashioned way. i buy it and wrap it up. >> look at you. >> he's good. >> i haven't started either. i'm hitting stores, we did it a little earlier. here's a look at your forecast over the next 7 days. today is going to remain mild, temperatures are mainly going to be in the mid- to upper 60s. more sunshine for tomorrow, teams are going to be cooler
6:59 am
and wednesday we have a big chance of rain. southbound 101 at 280 it is blocking lanes, and a quick live look at the bay bridge, backed up at least to 880 at this point. look at this shopper at ikea, you have to take a look at him. >> it's a monkey and well- dressed. beautiful isn't it. >> what was it doing there, michelle. he apparently escaped from a crate. >> okay. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, december 10th, 2012. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama one-on-one with speaker boehner. major garrett has new details on fiscal cliff negotiations. plus ceo of general electric jeff immelt tells us why both sides need to act now. it's a mess in parts of the midwest this morning. an early storm drops morha


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